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    Winter/Spring 2014 Third Anniversary Issue

    Volume 4 / Issue 1


    It seems that the start to traditional Seasons is only a date on a calendar.  While spring is officially here, there are still regions wrapped in an ongoing and persistent winter weather pattern.  With only “hope” in sight, and ‘cabin fever’ raging, this edition of aaduna seeks to bring serenity, intellectual and emotional stimulation to our readership.  Moreover, it is our Third Anniversary issue bearing a new look, feel and functionality.  It was time for a change.


    Christopher Gannon and Theodora Ravago, the web designers at Banwa, thank you for your work and guidance.  Kudos to the Sovereign Bank Foundation, whose grant award and support enabled this web site initiative to move forward.  Lisa Brennan guided the re-design vision so who and what we are remain significant signatures of the new site. Contributing editors Tim Ogene and Pamela Havens brought their nuanced understanding to their editorial work and articulated poignant observations.  Keith Leonard moved the submission process along with his usual charm, style, wit and unflappable energy.


    I want to thank the contributors whose work in this issue continues to define what aaduna stands for.  The publication exists to promote creative people and their work.  A thank you goes to the volunteer staff who labor behind the scenes doing this ‘n’ that whenever needed.  In addition, my colleagues and I thank you, the reader and supporter of aaduna.   I hope you enjoy another diverse, eclectic and captivating issue.


    We remain committed to diversity, multiculturalism, and providing a platform for those voices that have limited exposure, as well as those established voices that continue to evolve and broaden their art form.  We continue to have a local impact and global outreach.

    I encourage you to make Comments and that is a new feature on the website.  Dialogue and communication lessens the barrier between artist and the public.  Take advantage of the opportunity to share your assessments, ideas and suggestions.


    I also encourage you to support us with a monetary donation especially since this spring is our season for fundraisers.  No gift is too small or too large.


    In closing, I hope you share this issue with everyone in your social media world and encourage poets, writers and visual artists to submit their work.




    Stay creative,